Lizzy DuQuette
CincyInk Minimural


CincyInk Minimural

CincyInk Minimural

Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH


Commissioned by ArtWorks 

in collaboration with Chase Public

Photo by Carrie Cochran/The Enquirer

Lizzy DuQuette - Now I Climb.jpg
New Lines alleyway mural

New Lines alleyway mural

Orchard Street, Cincinnati, Ohio


Commissioned by ArtWorks and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

Painted by ArtWorks Apprentices

otr mural (1).jpg
Price Hill Mural series

Price Hill Mural series

in collaboration with John Lanzador

Warsaw Avenue, Cincinnati, OH


Commissioned by ArtWorks and painted by Rebecca Nava and ArtWorks Apprentices

Photos by John Lanzador, Eddy Kwon, and Lizzy DuQuette

The imagery in this series of five murals along Warsaw Avenue was sourced from interviews with residents of the Price Hill neighborhood. Animals, food, affirmations, and objects were designed into the final murals. Neighbors were invited to paint and relief print small pieces of fabric that would become the text in each mural.

Price Hill murals Ode to Joy.png
Price Hill murals scaffolding.png
Price Hill Kroger mural design.jpg
Price Hill murals Come Sit at my Table.png
come sit at my table.JPG


In collaboration with Lisa Tompkins

Commissioned by Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center unMuseum



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